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Managing Email Overload


Do you start your day drowning in a river of emails? If your Inbox is overloaded and you find it impossible to manage the volume, this course is the answer. You will learn how to create and implement a simple system to cleanup the existing clutter. Utilize this simple process to ensure that you never receive "over your limit" messages from the IT department again.

Learn how to use the Inbox as a place to receive, not store information. Learn how to sort emails into the new system and then process out utilizing all the features in Outlook. Explore how to manage delete and sent items. Use hyperlink to share large documents to avoid overloaded the Inbox and Server. Set up Rules to automatically manage emails as they are received or after they are sent.

This workshop allows you to practice and implement using your Outlook mailbox to quickly acquire the skills needed to work in today's electronic workplace. Discover a new way to work and decrease "technology" related stress as you unlock the power of these powerful tools you use everyday.


Basic understanding of how to use Outlook®

  • Implement a system to manage the Inbox
  • Sort emails from Inbox into new system
  • Understand how to move information from an email into Calendar, Contacts,
    Notes and Tasks
  • Use Rules to automatically sort emails into folders as they are received or sent
  • Manage Delete and Sent Folders
  • Utilize hyperlink and shared drives to share large documents
  • Save information from Outlook to My Documents
  • Coordinate with PDA (Blackberry, Palm, etc.) to eliminate double processing of emails


  • Quick Start Guide for Managing Email Overload
  • Satisfaction Survey


  • Individuals who want to acquire skills to work in today's electronically driven workplace
  • Human Resource, Managers, Administrative Support
  • Training and Organization Development
  • Sales and Business Professionals

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"I can't stop raving about the class! I haven't cleaned out my WIP files yet, but I've also realized I don't need to right away. Quite liberating! It also makes a real difference starting my day opening Outlook Today first.

"DJC helped me sort through the mess and make my mess look like a desk! I am so grateful for her help. I plan on using this system as long as I am working.!"

"I am amazed at how effective this is. I can think more clearly now!"

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