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Managing Information Overload


If you have ever said "I know I put it somewhere" and then spent the next hour looking for information, this customized course will show you how to create a filing system for the electronic workplace. This course is recommended for teams or groups who share similar jobs.

A customized foundation will be designed and created that can be utilized in Personal Folders, My Documents, shared or personal drives, and paper. Anyone will be able to find needed information when team members are away or leave the company.

Learn how to better utilize shared drives so that large documents are not passed via email causing mailboxes to become overloaded. This eliminates the need for each team member to store multiple copies of the same document and ensures the current version is being used. Time is given to implement the new filing system.


Basic understanding of how to use Windows Explorer and Outlook®

  • Create a new foundation for storing and retrieving information
  • Implement system in Outlook®/Lotus Notes® and My Documents/shared/personal drive
  • Reduce duplication when storing information
  • Explore best practices for information retention
  • Eliminate time wasted looking for lost or misfiled documents
  • Save attachments and emails in My Documents/shared/personal drives vs. Outlook®/Lotus Notes®
  • Identify company standards to maintain and store historical information

  • Printed Quick Start Guide for "Managing Information Overload" and Satisfaction Survey


  • Individuals who want to acquire skills to work in today's electronically driven workplace
  • Human Resource, Training and Organizational Development
  • Sales Professionals
  • Managers, Business Professionals, Administrative Support 

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