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Unlocking the Power of Outlook

Improve Efficiency, Productivity, and Manage your Time by "Unlocking the Power of Outlook®".


In this hands-on workshop you will manage your time more efficiently and increase personal productivity. Use all the features in Outlook…Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks to automate day-to-day work-flow processes. Learn how to manage a project, prepare for meetings, set up an electronic note-taking system, and have business critical information at your fingertips. Create a personalized time management system to ensure timely follow-up, improve focus, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

This workshop allows you to practice and implement using your Outlook mailbox to will quickly acquire the skills needed to work in today's electronic workplace. Discover a new way to work and decrease "technology" related stress as you unlock the power of these powerful tools you use everyday.


Basic understanding of how to use Outlook®

  • Change the way you perceive, organize, store, and retrieve information
  • Use your time to get results and become more effective
  • Leverage the technology already on your computer
  • Create a simple solution to manage time and information
  • Reduce technology related stress and improve focus
  • Learn now to use Outlook® three ways – computer, PDA, and Walking Desk™ folder (paper)

  • Walking Desk™ folder
  • Quick Start Guide for Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010
  • Satisfaction Survey


  • Individuals who want to acquire skills to work in today's electronically driven workplace
  • Human Resource, Managers, Administrative Support
  • Training and Organization Development
  • Sales and Business Professionals
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" I can't stop raving about the class!  Quite liberating! It also makes a real difference starting my day opening Outlook Today first."

"Training was well organized and provided useful tips!"

"Pleasantly surprised!  This was unlike any Outlook course I have ever taken...packed with information to improve efficiency and productivity!"

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