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Unlocking the Power of Outlook

Managing your Workload & Email with Outlook
Create a time management system for the technology workplace!

Want to transform your work life?  Then sign up for this four-hour workshop and learn how to manage emails, time, & information.  You will create an “electronic” time management system that will absolutely improve your personal productivity and efficiency.

Expand your proficiency as you learn to use all the features in Outlook (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, & Tasks) to process emails and create a personal daily process to manage your workflow. 

Understand how to use the task list to ensure follow-up, sharpen your focus, and decrease technology related stress.

Do you start your day drowning in a river of emails? If your Inbox is overloaded and you find it impossible to manage the volume, this course is the answer. Learn how to create a simple system to clean-up the existing clutter and prevent future overload.

Use time saving features such as Quick Steps and Rules to automate email management.  Discover short-cuts   like Quick Parts and many more to save valuable time.

Basic knowledge of Outlook

  • Improve workflow utilizing existing tools to their fullest potential
  • Create an electronic time & information management system customized to your workstyle and personality
  • Provide a system that can be easily implemented and immediately produce results
  • Improve focus and follow-up and automate day to day activities
  • Provide a simple process to manage the Inbox and prevent email overload

What you will learn:
  • Customize the Quick Access Toolbar with frequently used commands
  • Learn how to quickly save documents and emails from Outlook to My Documents (Personal Drive)
  • Use Categories to track and organize information (Create, Rename, Delete, & Assign)
  • Understand how to move information from an email into Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks
  • Automatically color-code/categorize calendar appointments
  • Share your availability for meetings (inside or outside your organization)
  • Add another time zone
  • Use Contact features to map an address, keep up with birthday/anniversary, share
  • Create a Distribution List
  • Use Notes to keep up with business-critical information such as User Id’s and Passwords
  • Set up the task list for first time use and understand how to add tasks – manually, drag & drop, Move-To Folder
  • Create a fail proof follow-up system
  • Implement a system to clean up email clutter and create a process to prevent future overload
  • Use Quick Parts for frequently emailed information
  • Automatically manage emails with rules and Quick Steps
  • Coordinate with PDA (Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Droid) to eliminate double processing of emails
  • Current Work vs Completed Work – how to keep the Inbox clutter-free
  • Start your day with a “big picture” view

How it works:
  • Working in your Outlook Inbox, you will see, hear, and practice each skill taught
  • Laptop required with access to Outlook email client
  • Practice emails will be utilized to implement and reinforce new skills

  • Four hours

  • Quick Start Guides with be provided electronically with step by step instructions.
Contact us at info@djconsultants.com for more information and a detailed outline.

" I can't stop raving about the class!  Quite liberating! It also makes a real difference starting my day opening Outlook Today first."

"Training was well organized and provided useful tips!"

"Pleasantly surprised!  This was unlike any Outlook course I have ever taken...packed with information to improve efficiency and productivity!"

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