"DJ Consultants transformed our day-to-day workflow and made us a better, more competitive organization"


DJ Consultants Public Events Calendar

DJ Consultants, Inc. regularly hosts public events in order for you to become more efficient using Outlook! Attend this two hour seminar and you'll be sure to leave with information that you can immediately implement to improve personal productivity.  Use register to receive information about upcoming seminars.


"In the 30 days since attending your seminar, my Inbox has been reduced from eight thousand emails to under two thousand. I’m still working through the old backlog, but new emails have been handled easily and now reside in my calendar, tasks, notes, or a separate file outside my Inbox"

"I’m very happy with the new tools you gave me. The system is working great! My manager is loving it! Your seminar was well worth the time spent."

"Everyone needs organization and time management skills...this class provided it all!"



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