"DJ Consultants transformed our day-to-day workflow and made us a better, more competitive organization"


Client Comments

"It was so great walking into a completely clean and organized office this morning.  I am more motivated to get things done this year.  I am using my task list and so far I love it...particularly since I went through all of my emails and pulled them into my task list.  You have really helped clear the mess and organize my life."

"I cannot tell you how much your guidance has saved my career and sanity.  I feel so much more under control using my task list.  An additional perk is at the end of the day, I see exactly how much I have accomplished.  That is priceless on the days I feel like I have been going in circles and not accomplishing anything.  It is so wonderul.  I am singing your praises to my colleagues!"

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to work with me on understanding the mechanics of Outlook.  I learned a great deal and am so excited to have an empty and manageable Inbox.  As other items have crossed my desktop this afternoon, I have been able to keep in control and ensure that order remains.  I will be more organized come mid-year and end of year reviews."


"I learned many neat hidden secrets I hadn't realized before."

"Courses are clear, concise, and informative."

"They gave great introductions to details I never would have found on my own."





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