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About Daphene "DJ" Jones, founder DJ Consultants, Inc.

Daphene "DJ" Jones is the founder of DJ Consultants, Inc. She is an authority on office organization practices and skills. She acquired her organizational skills largely through training herself to become a highly successful sales representative with MCI Corporation where she was awarded a "Director's Chair"—the highest award for a top producer—after just one year on the job.

Prior to that, she spent 18 years with Southwestern and Southern Bell where she rose from an entry level position as a service representative to assistant manager of three service centers. It was during the course of carrying out these responsibilities that she learned the importance and value of "working smart" vs. working hard.

DJ's affiliation with Time Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of time management systems and related organizational products, is where she honed her time management skills as a trainer. After training for them three years, she became concerned about the inability to customize training to fit an individual's work style.

In 1991, she ventured out and started her own company. Since the beginning, DJ has run a highly successful business focusing on providing efficiency coaching to improve personal productivity. Paying close attention to the marketplace, DJ realized that technology was changing the way people worked and adjusted the focus of her company to accommodate the new workplace. Validating that her concepts were on target, DJ easily applied her system to the "electronic" office. She has coached and trained a wide range of office personnel, from top executives to administrative assistants, enabling them to gain control over their workspace and become more productive.

An accomplished business owner, speaker, and trainer, DJ has addressed a variety of organizations, including the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries. She is a former member of Cobb Executive Women and the Atlanta chapter of the American Society of Training and Development. She is a past recipient of ASTD's monthly award for Most Outstanding Member and was actively involved in their Partners for Education Program. She has been featured on television and radio as an expert in helping people become more productive and efficient.

DJ's clients have included AT&T, Matrix, Holiday Inn Worldwide, CDC, Marriott, Georgia-Pacific, Pfizer, Inc., Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, National Institute of Health, Turner Broadcasting System, Scientific-Atlanta, and many others.

She is known for her warmth, humor, and exuberance, and most importantly, for her passion for helping people make positive changes in their lives and jobs.

"DJ's passion to help people was evident today!  Wonderful trainer and excellent teacher."

"She brought expertise and excellence to the classroom today.  I would highly recommend her!"

"DJ made everything simple and easy to understand. For the first time, I feel like I can conquer information overload."



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