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Efficiency Coaching

Need individual help? Let the efficiency specialists at DJ Consultants, Inc. provide coaching
at your office or virtually via the Internet. What can you expect? Based on your needs and time
allowed, below is an overview of our process.

Efficiency Evaluation
An efficiency evaluation is sent prior to the session to identify areas of need. This process allows our
time to be focused and productive.

Information Storage and Retrieval
Design and implement a filing system that is utilized in Outlook®, My Documents, and Shared Drives.

Understand how to use all features of Outlook®, such as Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. Special attention will be given to managing the Inbox.

A Work-in-Process (WIP™) system will be designed to help manage pending documents that get stuck on top of the desk.Learn to handle high priority work in a way that guarantees that nothing falls through the cracks.

Master Files/Paper Files
The creation of a personalized foundation using our simple method of grouping like things together can
be applied to both paper and electronic files. The goal is to reduce paper and transition to an electronic
filing system.

Walking Desk™
Have the ability to create and carry Outlook in a printed format in a folder called a Walking Desk™.  This will ensure that critical information is with you at all times.

Blackberry,iPhone, or Droid
Eliminate double processing of emails when away from the office. Simplify how the Inbox and Outlook
features are utilized in a PDA.

Overall added value of one-on-one coaching:

  • Improve focus and productivity
  • Implement a system that is ready to use
  • Customize a time management system to fit work style and personality
  • Develop a "work-in-progress" (WIP) system that keeps information moving

"You have really helped clear the mess and organize my life!"

"I was in an offsite meeting yesterday and I told someone by phone exactly where she could find a photo she needed for a brochure.  She had never been to my office but found it immediately per my instructions."

"Awesome!  Very patient with non-technical savvy people!" 


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