"DJ Consultants transformed our day-to-day workflow and made us a better, more competitive organization"


The History of DJ Consultants, Inc.

DJ Consultants was founded by DJ Jones in 1991 to provide coaching to improve personal productivity and efficiency. In addition to efficiency coaching, we also offer a curriculum that consists of these three programs:

  • Building a simple foundation for storing and retrieving information to be used for paper files
  • Building a work-in-progress system for the top of the desk
  • Customizing a time management system/planner

The company was incorporated in 1994 and the name was changed to DJ Consultants, Inc.

In 1997, DJC designed and developed a time management system referred to as the Walking Desk
under the umbrella of the Stay Organized System™ (SOS). The company applied for trademarks for both the Walking Desk™ and Stay Organized System™ and this process was completed in 2003.

DJC began to provide one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on utilizing Microsoft Outlook® as a time and information management system. Key points addressed include:

  • Managing information (building a foundation for electronic and paper documents)
  • Using Microsoft Outlook® as a time and information management tool (Calendar, Tasks,
    Contacts, Inbox, Notes)
  • Building a Work in-Progress (WIP*) system for the top of the desk
  • Creating a Walking Desk™ in a PDA or planner from Microsoft Outlook®

In 2009, our largest pharmaceutical client asked us to create a workshop for the field sales force. The first workshop was designed for Outlook and was created by mirroring an actual coaching session. For the first time, the power of personal coaching was brought to the classroom. The workshop was hands-on so that participants could practice the skills as they were taught. In order to meet the challenges of the electronic workplace, DJC created a new curriculum that included:

  • "Managing Information Overload" - If you have ever said, "I know I put it somewhere," and then spent the next hour looking fora piece of information, this customized course will show you how to create a filing system for the electronic workplace.
  • "Unlocking the Power of Outlook" - This course will help you manage your time more efficiently and increase personal productivity, ensure timely follow-up, improve focus, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • "Managing Email Overload" - Do you start your day drowning in a river of emails? If your Inbox is overloaded and you find it impossible to manage the volume, this course is the answer.

This curriculum was created in modular format that can be delivered in workshops, seminars, lunch & learns, or Webinars.

DJ Consultants, Inc. continues to offer one-on-one efficiency coaching and classroom training. The success of the company has been its ability "to turn on a dime" and meet the ever-changing needs of the workforce and their clients.

"I cannot think of a more beneficial use of my time than the time I recently spent with DJ Consultants, Inc.  I learned more and mastered skills to help manage my time and Inbox.  It could not have been easier."

"As a card-carrying member of the 'Boomer Generation,'  technology has been more than a challenge, but this training has expanded my computer skills and has made me more valuable to my boss.  I would highly recommend this company."

"I learned the real purpose of Outlook. It should have been a full day!"

"The class gave me more in-depth knowledge of how Outlook can better equip me in managing my time and projects more efficiently."



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