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April 15, 2020
DJ Consultants, Inc. wants to express our sincere thanks for all of our customers.  During this difficult time, our hope is that you are safe and well. We will get through this!  Let us know if there is anything you need at this time.  We are working virtually and looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.

January 2017
DJ Consultants, Inc. is celebrating 25 years in business!  In 1992, DJ Jones, founded DJC in Atlanta, Georgia.  We are still going strong and want to thank our clients our continued success.

March 2015
ProWin and DJ Consultants, Inc. announce June 19th workshop, Managing your Email & Workload with Outlook!  We are offering special discounted pricing to members & non-members.

Want to improve your work life?  Then sign up for this workshop and learn how to manage emails, time, & information. Improve efficiency as you learn to use all of the features in Outlook (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, & Tasks) to process emails and create a time & information management system. You will create a simple system to help clean-up existing clutter and understand how to prevent email overload in the future. Understand how to use the task list to improve follow-up, focus, and increase your personal productivity.  
How it works:

  • Working in your Outlook Inbox, you will see, hear, and practice each skill taught
  • Laptop required with access to Outlook email client 

Quick Start Guides with be provided electronically with step by step instructions.
When:        June 19, 2015
Time:          9 am to 12 pm
Where:       Freeman, Mathis, & Gary, LLP
                   100 Galleria Parkway
                   Suite 1600
                   Atlanta, GA 30339-5948
Cost:          $125.00 , ProWin Members $99
To register go to www.prowin.com

October 2014
DJ Jones, owner of DJ Consultants, Inc., announces that the movie has been given the "green light" and her twin sister's story will be coming to the big screen!  Based on the book "Same Kind of Different as Me', it will have an all star cast.  Renee Zellweger will be playing Deborah, Greg Kinnear will be playing Ron, Djimon Hounsou will be playing Denver and the cast is rounded out by Jon Voight.  In 2011, DJ released her book about her and Deborah growing up called "Our Southern Breeze". 

February 21, 2014

DJC announces new course for Outlook 2013!  Learn how to manage time and information with this powerful tool.  Clean up email clutter and prevent furture overload.  Want to utilize your iPhone, iPad, or Droid more effectively?  This course is the answer.  Contact us for a special offer.

January 4, 2014

Happy New Year! 
If you have a goal to get organized, efficient, and increase your productivity, then give us a call!  We have a solution to fit your needs from individual coaching to classroom training. 

Please note that our corporate address has changed!  Our new address is:
769 Peachtree Parkway
Suite 2
Cumming, GA  30041

November 26, 2013

Most businesses exist today to provide a service to their customers and make money.  All companies must rely on their most important asset – their employees.   Motivated, engaged, and efficient employees can make or break any company.  

The efficiency experts at DJ Consultants have been providing a surprisingly easy solution improve efficiency and productivity.   We provide skills training on how to use the technology you have already put in place.  

Based on our first-hand observations, these are the most common productivity killers:

- Volume of email being received and no system in place to manage it
- Not utilizing the time management components of current productivity tools such as calendar, contacts, tasks, and note-taking
- Wasted time looking for needed information

Our proven life-changing skills training will provide happier employees, improved customer trust, and increased profits for your organization.  

We are so confident that we can change the way you work, we are offering a 50% discount off of any workshop in our curriculum booked by December 31, 2013.   Contact us today for more details.

Happy Holidays!

May 25, 2012
DJ Consultants, Inc. and ExecutiveSpeakwrite announce partnership.

Are you drowning in emails?  Has a poorly written email be the cause of unnecessary emails on the same subject?  Then this new course is the solution!

This course will combine the skills of communication and efficiency experts, to provide the proven solution for de-cluttering the Inbox and preventing future overload.

Contact us for more information and a course outline.

September 2011
Daphene "DJ" Jones, owner and founder of DJ Consultants, Inc. will be releasing her new book in
November 2011. This book will chronicle the story of her life and her twin sister, Deborah Hall, featured
in a New York Times Bestseller book "Same Kind of Different as Me". More information about this book
can be found at www.samekindofdifferentasme.com.

Daphene's book "Our Southern Breeze" will take you back to the beginning of their story...a touching
tale of growing up, breaking apart, and coming back together. This is a powerful story of redemption
and forgiveness. "As I share my heart through this story, I pray that God will heal the deep hurts that
many carry," says Daphene. Check out www.oursouthernbreeze.com for updates about the book.

Our Southern Breeze




Feedback from January 2014 Workshop with Public Relations Department for Forture 500 Company

"Great introduction to tools I didn't know existed.  Many can be put into practice immediately."

"Extremely practicial"

"Amazing things that we can do to make life easier that we didn't know we had"

"Great session - many easy tips I will use right away"

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