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DJ Consultants, Inc. can provide a powerful two-hour seminar covering topics in "Managing your Workload & Email with Outlook".

No training computer - no problem!  We can deliver our workshop in a seminar format. This class was designed to provide the skills needed to begin utilizing Outlook as a time and information management system. We target four key areas that will improve your personal efficiency and productivity. Topics include Calendar, Tasks, and managing email overload. A handout with step-by-step instructions is provided.

Attend a public seminar or bring this training to your office.

Course Descriptions

Link to Managing your Workload & Email with Outlook


"It’s a condensed presentation of what is important to know about Outlook to improve efficiency and save time."

"If I can master the skills & techniques presented, & if my very busy colleagues could also master them, our Division would be a powerhouse!"
"Totally helps with  how I will do business  going forward...useful, practical information that I can use!

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