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DJ Consultants, Inc. can provide a powerful two-hour seminar that combines "Unlocking the Power of Outlook" with "Managing Email Overload". 

This class was designed to provide the skills needed to begin utilizing Outlook as a time and information management system. We target four key areas that will improve your personal efficiency and productivity. Topics include Calendar, Tasks, utilizing Outlook when away from the computer, and managing email overload. A handout with step-by-step instructions is provided.

Attend a public seminar or bring this training to your office.

Course Descriptions

Link to Unlocking the Power of Outlook Public Seminar


"It’s a condensed presentation of what is important to know about Outlook to improve efficiency and save time."

"If I can master the skills & techniques presented, & if my very busy colleagues could also master them, our Division would be a powerhouse!"
"Totally helps with  how I will do business  going forward...useful, practical information that I can use!

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