"DJ Consultants transformed our day-to-day workflow and made us a better, more competitive organization"


What Makes Us Different?

DJ Consultants, Inc. brings time management from paper to the electronic age. We provide real
solutions, not theory. Today's workers need skills that allow them to work in the fast-paced
environment of the electronic workplace. DJC is able to provide the skills needed to improve efficiency and productivity.

What makes us different? 

  • Working in corporate America we have experienced the issues and can provide powerful solutions.
  • We bring the one-on-one coaching experience to the classroom.
  • Training is interactive, allowing participants to work in their Outlook.
  • Each skill taught has a business reason behind it.
  • We provide practical solutions with immediate results that are easy to implement and maintain.
  • Tools already in place are utilized to their fullest potential.
  • Results confirm improved efficiency and productivity at all levels of an organization.
  • We offer simple solutions to manage chaos in the workplace.

Let the efficiency experts at DJ Consultlants, Inc. show you how to "Unleash Your Potential to Manage Information, Time, and Technology!"

Contact us at info@djconsultants.com for more information.

"Our team was pretty well versed in Outlook and time management...we thought long and hard before asking DJC to come in and coach us.  After the training, the responses were overwhelmingly positive with every member of my team taking away something that could help their productivity."

"As a manager, it is good when you can give your team a tool that makes them better, but it is even better when you give them training needed to make them more effective with existing tools."

"It improved my time management skills and showed me how to keep the Inbox clean."



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