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DJ Consultants, Inc. offers interactive workshops that allow for practice and implementation as skills are taught. A key difference in these workshops is that the participants access their information in Outlook and My Documents. This hands-on experience enhances skills transfer and retention.

DJC offers a powerful curriculum to manage information and time in today's workplace.

"Managing your Workload & Email with Outlook" - This course will help you manage your time more efficiently and increase personal productivity, ensure timely follow-up, improve focus, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

"Managing your Email"  - Do you start your day drowning in a river of emails? If your Inbox is overloaded and you find it impossible to manage the volume, this course is the answer.

"Essential Skills for OneNote 2016" - Learn the skills you need to create an electronic notetaking system.  This powerful information gathering and multi-user collaboration tool will revolutionize how you take notes, share ideas, and compile information.  

Let the efficiency experts at DJ Consultants, Inc.show you how to "Unleash your Potential to Manage Information, Time. and Technology!"

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"The hands-on aspect of the course made learning more beneficial."

"Working with my actual files and folders enhanced learning for me."

"This course should be provided to all employees....it can help allieviate stress and improve productivity!"

"This showed me how and where to put each item. I feel this should be a mandatory class. It would help everyone".

"The class gave me more in-depth knowledge of how Outlook can better equip me in managing my time and projects more efficiently."

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